About Us

You are only as good as your robots.
- Proverb from the near future -

Software Robots & Web Design

We’re a young, dynamic team and all that… You’ve heard this before. But what you really need to know is that we’re experts in making automation robots.

It’s true, robots don’t need time, but you do. So, basically, we’re your specialists in „saving time while getting the job done quickly and properly”.

But, besides devising robots, we also excel in complementing them with our design skills and expertise in order to draw up the best solution for your business. Basically, delivering tailored design for the whole platform we build for you is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our business advice for you?

Start reshaping your document generation by implementing a software robot that will do 95% of your work in 5% of the time!


feb. 2016

Baboon Software company is born

The focus on quality and results generated fast but sustainable growth for us. After 1 year of activity we were already in Google’s top searches and after 3 years we now have over 220 customers.

Marketing & Maintenance department is created

We understood that our customers business can’t really grow without a long-term marketing strategy.

mar. 2018

oct. 2018

We are already a Full Service Agency

With a large service portfolio (from hosting and website maintenance to marketing, SEO and advanced business anlysis) we can already help our customers with all their online needs.

Baboon A.I. starts it’s journey

Robots are the future. In 5-10 years or even less, every company will need to implement robots and AI in order to be relevant.

sep. 2019

mar. 2020

First software robot is ready to go

The eSignature robot was our first and most desired product. Now it is a mature product, ready to be customized for every need.

Over 50 Bots up&running

Our products now help over 10 companies to move into the next age of technology!

Feb. 2021


We’re only human. But we make the best robots and designs that work for you. We’re professional, focused and dedicated to evolution by automation.


Sales Manager


Marketing Manager


PHP & Javascript Developer


Obviously smart, they see the massive potential of using robots in order to automate routine processes, and chose to hire us. Our collaborations are seamless and awesome.

Make your life easier

Go automated and speed up your business! Evolve, take the lead, and set the pace! You’ll thank us and yourself.